Savannah Sort & Stack

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Savannah Sort & Stack 24 24

• Multiple developmental ways to play:
1. Cubes sorting
2. Stacking
3. Counting
4. Color & shape sorting
5. Nesting

• Learning Skills - baby can stack and nest the boxes, identify colors, differentiate sizes, match shapes and study numbers! Playing develops kids’ fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.

• Teach colors & counting: Teach toddlers about colors and counting while sorting to the right cube with the matching shape / color.

• Fun developmental toy: Savannah Sort & Stack is a great developmental toy that toddlers will love to play and learn with.

• Great gift set – of 2 classical toddler toys with a stylish updated design.

• Safe – BPA & Phthalate free •Safety tested to meet our high standards.