Panel Fold Fence

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IDR 750,000.00
Panel Fold Fence 0 0

Providing the best facilities for children is the obligation of every parent. And having your own playground with the best level of security is the hope of every child. For this reason, we come with quality play fences and BPA-Free materials. So it is safe for children.

Customize your Coby fold fence combinations with these 4 Coby fold fence expandable panels.

  • Design     :  Starlight
  • Color        : Pink, Blue, White (Color Mix)
  • Material   :  Plastic BPA-Free
  • Panel       : 4 Panels
  • Weight     :  10 Kg
  • Age          :  0+
  • Safety      :
    • Has a gear joint as a liaison between panels
    • The material used is BPA-Free and non-toxic