My Feelings Crinkle Toy

IDR 279,000.00
My Feelings Crinkle Toy 29 29

Double sided for 2 development stages:
• Side 1 – (0m+) high contrast illustrations:

  • To promote baby’s vision & encourage tummy-time practice to strengthen neck & shoulders muscles while in flat or propped up position.
  • Flat position to encourage baby to experience the sense of crinkly fabric using his hands or feet while developing his gross motor skills.

• Side 2 – (3m+) rich colors, textures and 3D activities:

  • Encourage baby to explore the playful activities and develop his fine motor skills.
  • Unique crinkling toy feature that helps to teach about cause and effect when baby plays with it.
  • Can be used in 2 different positions: Flat or propped up.
  • The toy introduces expressions that train baby to identify emotions and aid to develop emotional baby's intelligence.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold and use on the go.
  • with plastic ring than can attach to baby’s stroll or car seat.