Kimmy Koala Wonder Tissue Box

IDR 359,000.00
Kimmy Koala Wonder Tissue Box 25 25

• Perfect for Exploring Color and Movement:
10 soft colorful fabrics helps toddlers develop grasping and fine motor skills while exploring color and movement.

• Sheer and Soft fabrics: the 8 colorful organza fabrics are very soft and gentle for touch & for your skin and are sheer enough to float in the air when tossed and pulled from the wonder box.

• The Wonder tissue box encourages endless ideas for imaginary active play, exercise, movement actives, games, and family activities.

• Teach colors & counting : Teach toddlers about colors and counting with each of the brightly colored fabrics

• Fun developmental toy: This Wonder Tissue box is a fun developmental addition that toddlers will love to play and experiment with.