2 In 1 Tummy Time Pillow

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IDR 319,000.00
2 In 1 Tummy Time Pillow 0 0

Consists of 2 pillows for two developmental stages:

Stage 1: 0-3m - Soft and lower support with gentle fluffy fabric for baby’s maximum comfort. Designed in a “U shape” to bring elbows together, allowing baby to observe the high contrast illustrations on condensed pillow.

Stage 2: 3-6m - firm support for baby's chest, allowing free movement of the arms. Features a crinkle area to help teach baby the idea of cause & effect.

The uniquely designed pillows help baby practice raising his head and neck and enhances his motor skills development.

The pillow encourages baby to practice tummy time

from a young age with minimum frustration.

Practicing tummy time on pillows strengthens back, arms and develops muscles for crawling.

Safety tested to meet our high standards.